Employers are key to the success of the Young Person's Guarantee

These 5 Asks will help you consider how you can support the Young Person's Guarantee. You do not need to commit to all 5 Asks.

How you can support the Guarantee and young people

  • Pillar 1

    Ask 1 - Prepare young people for the world of work

    Could you inspire pupils and college students to gain the skills they need for the workplace? Offering work placements and mock interviews are helpful to young people. You can visit schools to talk about your business or even take on a Foundation Apprentice.  

  • Pillar 2

    Ask 2 - Help all young people to achieve their potential

    Some young people face more barriers to getting and keeping a job. Offering a variety of opportunities can change lives. Industry insights and awareness sessions, help with applying for jobs and work tasters are very useful. Mentoring is also an option, and volunteering placements can offer vital experience.   

  • Pillar 3

    Ask 3 - Invest in a skilled workforce

    Providing work-based learning and training for young people is a great way to develop your business. Upskilling your workforce is an investment in the future. You could consider offering a Modern Apprenticeship or Graduate Apprenticeship. These can ensure you have people in place learning the skills you need.   

  • Pillar 4

    Ask 4 - Create jobs, volunteering and training opportunities

    Job creation is often supported by local or national programmes, usually government funded. The programmes all need employers to get involved and offer opportunities. Training and recruitment are community benefits in public sector procurement contracts. You can create jobs if you work on one of these contracts.

  • Pillar 5

    Ask 5 - Create an inclusive and fair workplace

    Fair Work is about creating meaningful, sustainable jobs and opportunities. Employers should support these opportunities with training packages. Equality, inclusion and working to end discrimination are central to the Young Person's Guarantee. You could make sure you pay the Living Wage, recognise trade unions and address the gender pay gap. 

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