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Modern Apprenticeships

A Modern Apprenticeship is a job which lets young people earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification. As an employer, taking on a Modern Apprentice will allow you to:

  • Get tailored, flexible training to meet your business needs
  • Attract fresh talent and develop the workforce of the future
  • Upskill your existing employees
  • Improve your productivity, staff morale and quality of service
  • Retain talent, reducing your recruitment costs
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Graduate Apprenticeships

Graduate Apprenticeships can provide work-based learning opportunities for new and existing employees up to Master's level. Graduate Apprentices are:

  • Work-based learning opportunities that are supported by Scotland's top colleges and universities
  • Designed by industry for your specific business needs
  • A good opportunity for you to develop and retain skilled employees who understand your business
  • Great for improving your productivity, morale, staff retention and quality of service
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