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From care to customer service

Luna is a young care experienced person who was first referred to Barnardo’s Works during the COVID-19 pandemic. Luna has had a tough start in life, and she has suffered from mental health issues. Before coming to Barnardo’s Works, Luna was studying in Aberdeen. However, she had to leave due to medical reasons and moved to Inverness. Luna speaks highly of the support she received during this difficult time, and in her personal and professional life ever since.  

Luna is now doing an internship with the DWP funded by the Scottish Government's Care Experienced Children and Young People Fund. She first heard about this during a Discovering Your Potential (DYP) session with her project worker. Luna has spoken about the preparation for the application process and described it as 'amazing.' Luna now has a full-time, supported, customer facing role. One day a week, she also has dedicated time for her apprenticeship, where she researches and writes case studies. Luna feels that the job has made her more resilient and improved her communications knowledge. It's also been character-building. 

Referring to the DYP, Luna says, 

“Without this I probably wouldn’t have stayed in the role for as long as I have.” 

I love Barnardo’s and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Supported by Barnardo's

The tailored, 1-1 support that DYP provides works perfectly for Luna with her full-time role. Before this support she feels that she faced many barriers from her past. Coming out of education she wasn’t ready for work due to her mental health. Barnardo’s helped her to “get into the swing of things and back onto the right track.” Luna sees the support from DYP as having helped her to rationalise situations. The programme has also provided her with support during difficult times. Luna feels that she now has a new perspective on life.  

Thinking about the future, Luna is applying to start a degree with the Open University, with support from her DYP project worker.

Luna says, 

“It is something I’ve always wanted to do but stopped myself before due to my mental health.”  

Luna now feels ready to go back into education thanks to her ongoing support, as well as her continued focus and work on her mental health.