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Young people sitting at a table with laptops

Playing an important role in helping young people achieve their ambitions

Social Good Connect is a purpose-led organisation, driven by doing good for others. They work with employers to help their employees find volunteering opportunities. By matching their skills and interests to volunteering, both the community and the employees find it rewarding. 

Young people's wellbeing, education and job opportunities have been badly affected by the pandemic. Social Good Connect in Dundee signed up to the Young Person's Guarantee to help young people make sense of the situation. They want to help them find their 'why' and motivate them to use their talents, creativity, and enthusiasm to impact their communities. 

As part of their YPG offer, Social Good Connect are providing workplace learning opportunities for young people. From paid placements to internships, these will help young people to get skills, knowledge and experience. 

The Young Person's Guarantee commits to supporting all of Scotland's young people to have a bright and prosperous future. 

Signing up was simple, free and the team at Developing Young Workforce have been on hand to answer any questions we may have had.

Caroline McKenna
CEO of Social Good Connect

Social Good Connect already offered several key areas of the Young Person's Guarantee. It sits strongly with their values and mission of enhancing people’s lives by connecting them to the communities and causes they care about.  

The organisation ensures that all employees feel valued, from students on placement, to a full time member of staff. They ask their opinions and ideas, ensuring that they have a voice and feel comfortable speaking up.  

Over the next 12 months, they will be supporting job creation programmes for young people as well as launching their own Futures Project. This will act as a bridge between education and work to help students understand what difference they could make. They will use their own unique skillset and talents to help others form strong connections with their communities.