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The Young Person's Guarantee is a commitment to bring together employers, partners and young people. It aims to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Scotland to an opportunity. This could be a job, apprenticeship, further or higher education, training or volunteering. It could also be an enterprise opportunity. 

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Welcome to the Young Person's Guarantee

The Young Person's Guarantee is a new way to bring young people, employers and partners together, and invest in our futures.  

If you're 16 to 24 years old, whatever your situation, we're committed to helping find the best opportunity for you. That could be a job, an apprenticeship, a college or university course, training, volunteering or an enterprise option. 

To make this happen, we've signed up employers, colleges, universities and agencies across Scotland, who all want to work with you.  

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Young people

If you're aged 16 to 24 years old

Education, experience, employment - which one's right for you?

Take a look at the Young Person's Hub to find out more about what the Young Person's Guarantee can do for you. Hundreds of employers have signed up, and they can offer you support and help to get started.  

You'll find links to all kinds of jobs, apprenticeships, volunteer placements and courses.  

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More than 400 employers have signed up to the Young Person's Guarantee. Join them now.

Create, support, build your business

There's never been a better time to engage with young people and ensure you build the future skills for success. The Young Person's Guarantee can help. 

Sign up and get local, specialised support to create opportunities and invest in the future success of your business. 

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Our partners' role is to help both young people and employers. They support the aims of the Guarantee, including fair work, the living wage, and good employment conditions. 

They work locally with employers, and with local and Scottish Government. All Scotland's councils are partners of the Young Person's Guarantee. 

Meet our partners
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